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Three basic audio interpretation systems are compared here. Each has special advantages. And all of them bring sound directly to the ear, providing ADA access for visitors with hearing and visual impairments while serving the general public.

Vista Group offers turnkey systems and a full range of message production services under a variety of purchase, lease and rental options.

 Self-Guided Audio Tour Systems

Today's audio guides come with flexible, powerful features that have opened up the choices for self-guided touring. Whether you want simple key-in-a-number system, equipment with multi-lingual, multi-theme tours or players with video screens, the choice is yours.

Music, sound effects, celebrity voices, oral history, and interviews add interest and impact. Great for heavy traffic or the casual visitor.    -More-

 Tethered SoundStik Systems

These popular systems are convenient because staff is not required to hand out and retrieve equipment. SoundStik handsets stay at the exhibit. For school groups a teacher may switch the sound from the handsets to speakers enabling the whole class to listen at once.

On-site recordable digital message repeaters, DVD and laser disk players offer visitors reliable audio fidelity with no noise spillover in the gallery. Ideal for galleries with video kiosks in close proximity to each other. Visitors may select different languages by pressing a push button.    -More-

 FM Tour Guide Systems

When you prefer the personal touch of a tour leader, FM tour guide systems are ideal. These hearing assistance systems are like micro radio systems, transmitting 100-200 feet. The tour guide speaks normally, even quietly, using a microphone and cell-phone sized transmitter. Visitors hear via an earphone and cell-phone sized receiver. The systems operate on multiple channels so tours can run close together without interference.

Eliminates bunching around the tour guide and does away with "tag alongs". Makes it easy to give instructions. Keeps children's attention focused. Ideal for touring in both quiet and noisy environments.    -More-

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